At Dreamit, we connect to your heart. Our tech accessories live for people.

For dreamers. For the brave ones, and the quiet ones. For those of us who go after our dreams. Relentless, unwilling to give up. We’re not fond of losses. We’re here for the love. We’re here for the people - small, local, or superstar. We’re here to show what we admire. We’re here for them.

Manufactured right in the heart of Europe.

Europe or home, the two are synonymous for us. At Dreamit, we pride ourselves with being European citizens — we hold the production process in our home country of Lithuania. While the hard plastic used for our cases is imported, the rest of our supply chain is wholly domestic.

Quality is a cornerstone of Dreamit.


We seek to provide you with a quality product. Yes, it’s not a leather case - technologies don’t yet allow us to produce quality imagery onto leather cases. That’s the reason we chose hard plastic. It does not lose its colour, it does not lose its shape, and it provides sufficient protection for your beloved phones. What is more, the UV press method we use guarantees that the imagery won’t fade — and these images are scratch-proof, too.


Universal beauty lies in simplicity.

Frankly, we find design to be at Dreamit’s core. We work with one specific goal in mind — to make our cases simple yet stunning. The see-through case design we’ve chosen does not hinder the aesthetic touches of the your phone — but does allow for you to show your love for others. And it doesn’t stop there — our designs are proud creations of the artistic souls of team Dreamit.